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You are in: Optical Accessories > Eyepieces > Fixed Focal Length Eyepieces > Orion Q70 2" SWA 26mm
Orion  Q70 2
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Orion Q70 2" SWA 26mm
2" 70-degree wide-field eyepiece
Availability: Currently Available
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Rated by 3 users
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star_newstar_newstar_newstar_newstar_new Orion 26, 32 and 38mm Q70 Super Wide-Field 2" Telescope Eyepiece Set
by CosmicLugNut 14-Sep-13
Quicken, to make alive, to enliven and that is exactly what Orion’s Q70 series eyepieces do! Incredible buy, exceptional view, solid construction and outstanding value make these 2 inch Q70 wide view eyepieces my go to units for wonderful big sky and
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1 of 1 people [100%] found this review useful
star_newstar_newstar_newstar_newstar_new Awesome view!
by zanti-misfit 22-Aug-09
I recently purchased one of these to use with my Orion XT8 Dob to take advantage of its 2" lens capability. I'm very glad I did.

I was a little nervous at first, wondering if the 26mm would work ok with the f5.9 scope. I was relieved t
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5 of 5 people [100%] found this review useful
star_newstar_newstar_newstar_newstar_new Orion Q-70 SWA 26mm
by deetree 15-Jun-07
This is a moderately large/heavy 2" eyepiece which I use in a Meade 10" LX200R. The 26 mm Q-70 provides 96x magnification in my LX200R, and it serves very nicely for viewing most star clusters, nebula, planets, or the moon. Very sharp focus all the
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