• Telescopes
        Up to 80mm
        --------------------------81mm - 110mm
        --------------------------111mm - 140mm
        --------------------------Larger than 140mm
      Reflectors (Newtonian)
        Up to 8 inches
        --------------------------Larger than 8 inches
        Up to 8 inches
        --------------------------10 - 20 inches
        --------------------------Larger than 20 inches
      Compound Telescopes
      Spotting Scopes
      --------------------------Test Category
  • Binoculars
      Standard (Up to 50mm)
      --------------------------Large (51mm - 99mm)
      --------------------------Giant (100mm and Larger)
  • Optical Accessories
      Barlow Lenses
        Fixed Focal Length Eyepieces
        --------------------------Reticle Eyepieces
        --------------------------Zoom Eyepieces
        Lunar and Planetary Filters
        --------------------------Nebula and Light Pollution Reduction Filters
        --------------------------Specialty Filters
      Finder Telescopes
        Unity (1x) and Red Dot Finders
        --------------------------Straight-Through Finders
        --------------------------Right-Angle Finders
      Focal Reducers
  • Other Accessories
      Adapters (Mechanical) and Rings
      --------------------------Alignment and Collimation
        Collimating Eyepieces
        --------------------------Laser Collimators
      Cases and Covers
      --------------------------Computer Accessories
      --------------------------Focusers and Focusing Accessories
      --------------------------Observing Aids (Everything Else)
      --------------------------Dew Prevention
  • Imaging
      Cameras - Film
      --------------------------Cameras - CCD and Webcams
      --------------------------Imaging Adapters and Accessories
      --------------------------Cameras - Digital
  • Mounts/Tripods
      Alt-Azimuth Mounts
      --------------------------Binocular Mounts
      --------------------------Equatorial Mounts
      --------------------------Go-To Mounts with Controllers
      --------------------------Piers and Tripods
      --------------------------Other Accessories (Wedges, Drives, Rings, etc.)
      --------------------------Digital Setting Circles and Object Locators
  • Solar
      White-Light Solar Filters
      --------------------------Narrowband Solar Filters
      --------------------------Solar Telescopes
      --------------------------Solar Observing Instruments and Accessories
  • Software/Publications
      Atlases and Maps
        Amateur Telescope Making
        --------------------------Computational Astrophysics
        --------------------------Education and Multimedia
        --------------------------Image Processing and Data Analysis
        --------------------------Satellite Tracking
        --------------------------Desktop Planetarium and Charting
        --------------------------Toolkits and Observing Utilities
        --------------------------Telescope Control
        --------------------------Space Simulation
      Books and Magazines
      --------------------------Web Sites
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Brand  asc
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  Astro-Physics 1200GTO   0 Yes
  Astro-Physics 400GTO   0 Yes
  Astro-Physics 600EGTO   0 Yes
  Astro-Physics 900GTO   0 Yes
  Astro-Physics Mach1GTO   0
  Celestron AS-GT GoTo EQ Mount   ststststst [5.00] 1 Yes
  Celestron ASCM Mount with GoTo   0 Yes
  Celestron CG-5 Computerized Mount   stststst_halfst_w [3.66] 3
  Celestron CGE Computerized Mount   0 Yes
  Celestron CI-700 Mount   0 Yes
  iOptron CubePro GO TO Alt-Azimuth Mount   0
  iOptron MiniTower GO TO Alt-Azimuth Mount   ststststst_w [4.00] 1
  iOptron MiniTower Pro GO TO Alt-Azimuth Mount   0
  iOptron SmartStar-A Series GO TO Dual Alt-Azimuth/EQ Mount   0
  iOptron SmartStar-E Series GO TO Alt-Azimuth Mount - "The Cube"   stststst_wst_w [3.00] 1
  iOptron SmartStar-G Series GO TO Alt-Azimuth Mount - "The Cube" with GPS   0
  iOptron SmartStar-PR GO TO Equatorial Mount   ststststst_w [4.00] 1
  Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount with Gemini GoTo   0 Yes
  Losmandy GM-8 Equatorial Mount with Gemini GoTo   0 Yes
  Losmandy HGM Titan Equatorial Mount with Gemini GoTo   0 Yes
  Meade LXD55 Mount   ststststst_w [4.00] 1 Yes
  Meade LXD650 Mount   0 Yes
  Meade LXD75 Mount   0 Yes
  Meade LXD750 Mount   0 Yes
  Orion Atlas EQ-G Mount with GoTo Controller   ststststst [5.00] 1
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