• Telescopes
        Up to 80mm
        --------------------------81mm - 110mm
        --------------------------111mm - 140mm
        --------------------------Larger than 140mm
      Reflectors (Newtonian)
        Up to 8 inches
        --------------------------Larger than 8 inches
        Up to 8 inches
        --------------------------10 - 20 inches
        --------------------------Larger than 20 inches
      Compound Telescopes
      Spotting Scopes
      --------------------------Test Category
  • Binoculars
      Standard (Up to 50mm)
      --------------------------Large (51mm - 99mm)
      --------------------------Giant (100mm and Larger)
  • Optical Accessories
      Barlow Lenses
        Fixed Focal Length Eyepieces
        --------------------------Reticle Eyepieces
        --------------------------Zoom Eyepieces
        Lunar and Planetary Filters
        --------------------------Nebula and Light Pollution Reduction Filters
        --------------------------Specialty Filters
      Finder Telescopes
        Unity (1x) and Red Dot Finders
        --------------------------Straight-Through Finders
        --------------------------Right-Angle Finders
      Focal Reducers
  • Other Accessories
      Adapters (Mechanical) and Rings
      --------------------------Alignment and Collimation
        Collimating Eyepieces
        --------------------------Laser Collimators
      Cases and Covers
      --------------------------Computer Accessories
      --------------------------Focusers and Focusing Accessories
      --------------------------Observing Aids (Everything Else)
      --------------------------Dew Prevention
  • Imaging
      Cameras - Film
      --------------------------Cameras - CCD and Webcams
      --------------------------Imaging Adapters and Accessories
      --------------------------Cameras - Digital
  • Mounts/Tripods
      Alt-Azimuth Mounts
      --------------------------Binocular Mounts
      --------------------------Equatorial Mounts
      --------------------------Go-To Mounts with Controllers
      --------------------------Piers and Tripods
      --------------------------Other Accessories (Wedges, Drives, Rings, etc.)
      --------------------------Digital Setting Circles and Object Locators
  • Solar
      White-Light Solar Filters
      --------------------------Narrowband Solar Filters
      --------------------------Solar Telescopes
      --------------------------Solar Observing Instruments and Accessories
  • Software/Publications
      Atlases and Maps
        Amateur Telescope Making
        --------------------------Computational Astrophysics
        --------------------------Education and Multimedia
        --------------------------Image Processing and Data Analysis
        --------------------------Satellite Tracking
        --------------------------Desktop Planetarium and Charting
        --------------------------Toolkits and Observing Utilities
        --------------------------Telescope Control
        --------------------------Space Simulation
      Books and Magazines
      --------------------------Web Sites
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In recent years, astronomy review sites such as Astromart, Cloudy Nights, Excelsis, and a few others have done a fantastic job in letting us read and write reviews of astronomical telescopes and accessories. However, if you are searching for reviews on a specific product, most of these sites do not lend themselves to easy searches. If a review of a telescope you don't particularly care about contains a great paragraph of a mount that you are thinking of buying, there is a good chance you haven't seen it. And most of these sites don't let us add our opinions or short reviews - after all, not all of us have the time, inclination, experience or literary skills to submit a 2-page review of a product.

That is where comes in. We aim to complement - not compete with - these other great sites. Here, you can rate products, write your own short reviews, read other user reviews, link to product reviews on many other review sites, rate the content of other user reviews, and find places to buy products you're reviewing.

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You can easily link to product reviews elsewhere on the internet. We have scoured every single review on dozens of astronomy review sites, spent hundreds of hours and cataloged every product we could find, even if that product wasn't the main focus of that review. If there are forum discussions or reviews we've missed, we'd love to have you tell us about them so that we can add them to our site.

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